Thursday, August 4, 2011

Liberal Shit 8-4-2011

"I'm not sure whether the bitterly fought debt agreement will be enough to avoid a downgrade of the U.S. top-tier credit rating. "

"going to take a careful look" at whether Washington politicians have the will to act to bring deficits under control. "

-Timothy Geithner

"Republicans (Or TEA Party Republicans) got too much out of the debt ceiling deal, ...they acted like terrorists."

Joe Bidden (Allegedly)

"I rise to congratulate the TEA Party for starting a deal in their image and their image alone. The cuts will be deep, they will be lasting and they will weaken an already depressed economy. Whats clear is that the TEA Party is so illogically driven to kill government that they're willing to kill the private sector, kill jobs and kill growth in the process. What's more these cuts will be loaded on the backs of the seniors and the American middle class all while asking the wealthiest among us to risk nothing. The Rich will feel no pain and vulnerable will pay for their spoils."

- Maxine Water

"Obvious what is being done in the House is not compromise. It is being jammed through with all kinds of non-transparent dealings, people shuffling in and out of the Republican Leader's office. We're recognizing that the only compromise that there is, is mine,"

-Sen. Harry Reid

"When you put forward a position... it becomes charged politically and your chances of actually getting an agreement diminishes significantly. That's how it works. You know that's how it works. You don't? Well you should. Others do."

-Jay Carney (White House Press Secretary)

And my Favorite.

"We have engaged in fierce and passionate debates about the issues of the day, but from slavery to war, from civil liberties to questions of economic justice,"

-President Obama

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