Sunday, June 5, 2011

Liberal Shit 6-5-2011

"Overall I think he's done an extraordinary job, I think he'll go down as one of the greatest American Presidents."

-Richard Gere (Speaking about President Obama)

“We gather here today to launch the first single-payer health care system in America, ...To do in Vermont what has taken too long: have a health care system, the best in the world, that treats health care as a right, and not a privilege."

-Peter Shumlin (Governor of Vermont)

"Paul Ryan's budget does more damage than Al-Qaeda, Paul Ryan's budget is a threat."

-Van Jones

"quantitative Easing will not cause inflation."

-Ben Bernanke, Tim Geitner & Paul Krugman (The three Stooges)

"The Republican solutions that I've seen in the last three years is that we should just pack them up and ship them back to their own countries like it should be a crime and we should arrest them all."

-Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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